Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The I-rock

Hello everyone!! I wanted to talk about the Imaginisce I-Rock Tool. I kept seeing it everywhere but I didn't know exactly how it worked.. In my mind, I figured well you can buy the loose gems and use a glue and Ta-Da you'd get the same result.  But after viewing the video, they make it really simple to use.. The video is made by a lady named Erin Bassett.  This is an inexpensive tool that does not have to be plugged in (uses 3 AA batteries I believe) ...So guess what i'll be doing TOMORROW??? =) 

For those of you who've been following along with the blog or dropping in to read whats what in my world.. I finally purchased my SEW EASY...=D ... So I should receive it in a few days... other than that, I've been keeping myself busy with cleaning house and buying last minute baby supplies... 45 days to go and I am praying less than that!! Thanks y'all .. I know this is short but I wanted to share how to use the I-rock since I was a bit on the skeptical side about it. 

BTW, Hobby Lobby is having a huge 50-90 percent off in home decor.. just thought I would pass that note as well..
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