Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The I-rock

Hello everyone!! I wanted to talk about the Imaginisce I-Rock Tool. I kept seeing it everywhere but I didn't know exactly how it worked.. In my mind, I figured well you can buy the loose gems and use a glue and Ta-Da you'd get the same result.  But after viewing the video, they make it really simple to use.. The video is made by a lady named Erin Bassett.  This is an inexpensive tool that does not have to be plugged in (uses 3 AA batteries I believe) ...So guess what i'll be doing TOMORROW??? =) 

For those of you who've been following along with the blog or dropping in to read whats what in my world.. I finally purchased my SEW EASY...=D ... So I should receive it in a few days... other than that, I've been keeping myself busy with cleaning house and buying last minute baby supplies... 45 days to go and I am praying less than that!! Thanks y'all .. I know this is short but I wanted to share how to use the I-rock since I was a bit on the skeptical side about it. 

BTW, Hobby Lobby is having a huge 50-90 percent off in home decor.. just thought I would pass that note as well..
Until Next Time

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Chip Decor!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I know I have written a posting before about Chip Board Decor... I did my youngest daughters in zebra stripes consisting of black and pink.. but this posting will be for my older daughter -- Briana. Briana loves purple and flowers.. This is pretty much the same project but done with different colors to give you a different view.  I havent hung either one of these up yet because Brianas actually is missing ribbon... but I'll show them once more hung up on a wall after I complete Brianas name.. So far this is all I have...

Sorry for the picture quality -- photos were taken with my phone before rushing out the door ...

Ok I apologize because the R and the I would not attach... I will add the ribbon to hang them on to the wall and show you all the final outcome as soon as I get to it this weekend!!!!

In case you all didn't see the prior posting, I will put the directions on how I did this.. Again, my version is pretty simple... I am sure there are expert chip board decorators out there =) 

1. Paint the chipboard with a solid coat of acrylic paint. (I painted the letters white)
2. Chose two coordinating scrapbook papers, and cut and trace your letters from each paper so you have 2 of each letter. (I chose three for this project)
3. Now tear the cutouts into sections and use an ink pad to apply to the torn edges.
4. Adhere the prepared paper and fix them to the chipboard letters.
5. Finally ink the edges for depth.... and decorate to your liking!!
*** By the way, I dont know if you all have heard of this online store or not... but  CLICK HERE and it will take you to blue moon scrapbooking which sells so many nice items!!! I was there for what seemed hours!!!

Ok everyone.. thanks for tuning in .. I appreciate it!!
Until next time

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back In Town!!

Hello Everyone!!

We finally got back from vacation .. We headed to Myrtle Beach for a bit over a week... wow, it was cool (weather wise) ... We walked along the ocean and the water felt as we stepped in a tub of ice.. so needless to say, we did everything else we could think of and took many many pictures... Over 600 in fact =) 

Gotta have those memories for later -- so the funniest one is...... (yes, I need to share this story)

Well, we decided to eat a different type of food everyday we were there.. we of course had to go to a sea food restaurant.. I dont know the name of it off the top of my head but it had a huge crab in front...
We step inside and the lady asked if we had any coupons... well my hubby and I looked at each other and told the lady we did not... we sat down and both asked each other why they would ask that.. it must be an expensive place to eat...

We ate and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I didn't eat too much sea food due to the pregnancy but then we received the bill... what was it you ask???? 100.00 !!!!! For 2 adults and 2 kids...

I have no idea if thats normal but of course the hubby called his family and had to tell everyone why he was so angry..,.. It was funny... I grabbed their place mat and the receipt (the place mat is basically a picture of their restaurant) and needless to say that will be in the scrapbook!!! I can't wait!!

Well we had a great time, got away from our jobs and now back to reality...

Thought i'd share a story with you guys...can't wait to get to scrapping!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Need Ideas???

I love reading all the blogs about cards... but I am more of a LO girl... My original intention for a blog was to learn and gather ideas from everyone out here who has that good talent you see ... and have my skills grow a bit...

I learned of this website that would help all the LO people, card people, tag people ... etc and I thought I would share in case you aren't aware of it.. Its called Page Maps by Becky Fleck...


If you click the link above you'll see HUNDREDS of sketches for LO's, cards, tags etc.. I'll show you a few -- Just click the links below and you'll see some examples...






Now these are a few...  At the above link they even have archived maps or sketches in case you'd like to take a browse around... I hope these help...

I want to apologize ahead of time.... I will be away next week on vacation... so no posts for at least a week and a half or so... It will be a great time to spend with the family .. a little R and R before we get NO REST when the little one arrives.. I wish you all a blessed week!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We R Memory Keepers

Ok, so because I have so much free time (not really) ... I came across a post that announces new merchandise arriving soon... I may be a bit behind but in case I am not, I wanted to show you all whats coming from We R Memory Keepers.... 

READY??? I am so EXCITED!!!!!

Okay, I was super excited about the sew easy because I really really want it .. but I am going to be out of town for a while so I will order it when I get back...  =)  I hope you all enjoyed the goodies...


Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am getting closer to my due date --- (in my eyes) --- 10 weeks to go and I want to do something out of the ordinary for the baby announcement.  I have family who works in law enforcement and I finally figured out what I want to do for the announcement...

I think it would be cute to send out a 'WANTED' file folder --- when you open the file folder on the left side his picture will be placed -- on the right side I will put his n ame, DOB, height, weight and a synopsis --- maybe even a 'handle subject with caution -- extremely adorable'

So my next challenge was to look for templates... I found a site that has several templates for almost anything you're looking for...


There is also a second site that I found useful and you can CLICK HERE for the second...

I found my file folder --- I am going to get a head start on my announcement....
Feel free to look around and see what you can find or maybe think of a new project to do...

Until Next Time

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chip Decor!!

Ok, so what have I been doing for the last few days??? I bought this magazine from Hobby Lobby that had examples of how to decorate using chip decor.. The hubby and I just painted our daughters rooms about a month ago.  We asked them each to pick out two colors to use on their walls -- they have completely different personalities --  the youngest chose pink and black while the oldest chose lilac and dark purple...

I began with the youngest -- pink and black are not easy colors for a 7 year old -- but I will show you examples of the chip decor suggested and then what I came up with...

Sorry for the images being very grainy, I took a picture of a picture.  Ok, so there's the example of the zebra print which happens to be the print in my daughters room as well.  I decided to change it up a bit and add pink zebra along with the white and black..

This is the outcome. ------ Keep in mind its not finished .. I need more embellishments but I have to go back to my favorite store and buy some more--- he he he

Its something to do that's a little different.  I hope to finish by tomorrow. So far, what do you think?? It needs MORE BLING!!!!!  I will show you the end product as soon as I finish and then on to my other daughters name.. but in case you would like to try it .. I will enclose the 'how-to' directions...

1. Paint the chipboard with a solid coat of acrylic paint.
2. Chose two coordinating scrapbook papers, and cut and trace your letters from each paper so you have 2 of each letter.
3. Now tear the cutouts into sections and use an ink pad to apply to the torn edges.
4. Adhere the prepared paper and fix them to the chipboard letters.
5. Finally ink the edges for depth....

Until Next Time