Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chip Decor!!

Ok, so what have I been doing for the last few days??? I bought this magazine from Hobby Lobby that had examples of how to decorate using chip decor.. The hubby and I just painted our daughters rooms about a month ago.  We asked them each to pick out two colors to use on their walls -- they have completely different personalities --  the youngest chose pink and black while the oldest chose lilac and dark purple...

I began with the youngest -- pink and black are not easy colors for a 7 year old -- but I will show you examples of the chip decor suggested and then what I came up with...

Sorry for the images being very grainy, I took a picture of a picture.  Ok, so there's the example of the zebra print which happens to be the print in my daughters room as well.  I decided to change it up a bit and add pink zebra along with the white and black..

This is the outcome. ------ Keep in mind its not finished .. I need more embellishments but I have to go back to my favorite store and buy some more--- he he he

Its something to do that's a little different.  I hope to finish by tomorrow. So far, what do you think?? It needs MORE BLING!!!!!  I will show you the end product as soon as I finish and then on to my other daughters name.. but in case you would like to try it .. I will enclose the 'how-to' directions...

1. Paint the chipboard with a solid coat of acrylic paint.
2. Chose two coordinating scrapbook papers, and cut and trace your letters from each paper so you have 2 of each letter.
3. Now tear the cutouts into sections and use an ink pad to apply to the torn edges.
4. Adhere the prepared paper and fix them to the chipboard letters.
5. Finally ink the edges for depth....

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