Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok everyone!!! I have news.

The baby made his entrance this morning at 3:30am. He was born three weeks early and weighs 5 pounds 11 oz... I delivered naturally by default... (the epidural was late). I'll be a bit busy for a bit but I'll get back with u all as soon as I can!!!!!

Have fun without me!!!
Until next time,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Announcements

Hello everyone!!!!

Finally, the baby annoucements are finished. I did approximately 30 and they are all different... I don't want to bore you with the details -- but the theme was law enforcement due to having family members as police officers (hit the other baby announcement link and you could get the whole story there)  ..

So, here is the finished product ---
This is what the front of all the baby announcement read --- "Wanted"

Once you open the inside, on the left a picutre of the baby will be attatched (with a fancy paper clip).  We are planning on sending two pictures.  One with him dressed in  a white and black striped onesie (as a suspect) and we'll also insert a well dressed picture of him.

Here is the badge side... 

In case you can't see it, it says: (I mod podged it with the glossy coat as if it were a badge so it makes it hard to read as a picture)
"Subject is wanted due to recently escaping from Utero Incarceration where he was currently serving a 9 month sentence. He is a healthy baby who sleeps and eats well. CAUTION: Subject should be handled with care. He is irresisitibly cute. Subject is known to demand hugs and kisses on contact" .

Here is another announcement -- same material just used different paper!!!

To see other examples listed and the way I made these announcements click here.  I hope you all enjoyed them.  It was a lot of fun making them -- just didnt realize it would be time consuming =)

Until Next Time

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jewelry Box

Hello Everyone!!!
I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but its getting a bit crazy.. I am 20 days away from D Day and I've been running around getting all the last minute things together for the hospital stay and the baby!!!! I finished the baby announcements!!( yay)

I will show those to y'all on the next post because I wanted to show you what I've been up to this past week...

I went to Hobby Lobby (big surprise) and I found a box.  Well, it was an ungly wooden box with 4 drawers so I can put minor scrapbooking items and I decided to paint it but I wanted a crackle effect... So I did!!!!! I learned from you tube (SMILE) and I decided I would try it on my box ---- it was actually a hard decision bc I was afraid if I messed up, there went the money I spent. 

I had never painted anything with a crackled finish but here is the link in case you'd like to see what I did to my box.. (I used Elmers glue!!!!)

Ok, so when that was done (and it came out GREAT!!!) my daughter Aaralyn wanted a jewelry box for her bday (its coming up in May)... So I went back to Hobby Lobby and bought a box.  At this point, I decided I can take pictures and show y'all what I did. ...

Here is the box I purchased --- and I made the base coat a hot pink (to match her room) ----- I painted the inside and the outside ....

I was unable to take a picture of the second step bc I had to work fast... but, once the paint is dry spread elmers glue on it and immediately after add your top coat of paint...... once my top coat was on there I grabbed my heat gun and began crackling the paint.... so the black cracked showing the hot pink!!!! --- Just a note, I removed the hinges and latch to the box to make the painting process easier.

I did that to the sides of the box as well --- and I let that dry overnight!!!!! 

The next day I went ahead and used mod podge (matte) so that it would all stay together and not risk it flaking off... Of course I will add bling and flowers to it  when I am finished!!! I also plan to line the inside of the box with a cute material or felt... I will show you the finished product at a later date!!!

On another note, I hung their chip board names up on the wall and here they are!!!!!! I apologize for picture quality ... I took the pics with my handy dandy phone...

Ok, well I hope you all have a great day... Again,  this month and the next may be a bit crazy for me... but hang in there and I'll get with it soon!!!

Until Next Time

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Announcement Idea!!

Hello Everyone!!!

So,  as many of you know I have been working on Baby Announcements... I am over half way done!!! For those of you who haven't heard, I have family in law enforcement so I was going to make a 'wanted case file' folder about the SUSPECT (baby)...Basically, It will be a case file folder with the words WANTED in the front.. on the inside of the folder it will give the baby's name, DOB, height, weight and a brief narrative as to why he's wanted by the authorities.  It will also include his accomplices to his crime (myself and the hubby) and a picture will be enclosed (his first picture)...

 So let me show you what they look like --- (the inside isn't complete yet because the baby hasnt been born -- so I am left without minor details )

I'll attempt to explain what I did... I cut a piece of cardstock that measures 6"x8"
I scored it at 3.5" -- so now I have a side thats bigger than the other...

On the bigger side --- I cut half an inch down along the top of the file folder but left an inch and a half for the tab... I used my corner punch to round the corners --

NOTE: I had to take the guards off of the corner punch to be able to round the corner on the inside of the tab.

After the corners were rounded, I wanted a decorative front.  The front of the folder measures 6 x 3.5 -- Therefore, I cut my paper 1/4 of an inch shorter than the front flap of the folder.  I also cut the back of the inside of the foler 1/4 of an inch smaller to give it a framed look. 

The Front of the Folder

The Inside Back of the Folder

After I decorated the front and the back of inside the folder -- I wanted to make a WANTED tag.. I used my cricut - the twinkle toes cartridge and cut the design at 3" for the outside layer then pressed the shift key and cut the smaller layer ...

I layered one on top of the other and distressed my wanted tags using my Tim Holtz distress inks... either the black soot or the vintage photo--- Once they were distressed I adhered them to my file folder using brads..

Now, once the brads are adhered then you're left with the front of the file folder completed -- I distressed the front as well because it looked awkward that the WATNED tag was distressed and the folder was not... The end result then looks like ---------------------------------------------


I hope you all like them... I have made about 20 and since I have so much paper -- I don't think any two look alike.. All have something thats different...

Well, thats all for now. Hopefully I did not make this too confusing!!
Until Next Time


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great American Scrapbooking Convention (GASC)

Hello everyone!!!! I have exciting news!!! The gasc is coming to .............................

Arlington TX

June 2-4, 2011

Greetings, fellow scrappers!

Are you ready to learn the newest techniques from the pros, supercharge your creative batteries and get inspired by the collective enthusiasm of thousands of other crafters?
We’ve designed The Great American Scrapbook Convention just for you—the dedicated scrapbooker! Take a little time for yourself—immerse yourself in the hobby you love for one day or sign up for a 72-hour scrapbooking extravaganza! You're sure to return home inspired and bursting with creativity!

Shopping and More: Get all the latest products and kits from your favorite manufacturers! Our Vendor Fair is bursting with the most creative new stuff on the market—and get up close demonstrations while you’re at it! Don’t forget to enter to win fabulous door prizes—there will be winners drawn all day, every day!

Workshops: Learn from the experts in the field, including designers, authors, the crafty ladies from Big Picture Classes and, of course, the famed Memory Makers Masters! You'll never find this many scrapbooking pros in one place—so plan early to try something new! Experiment with new scrapbooking tools and techniques, or just have fun creating.

Cropping:  The ultimate night out-- and a productive one, at that!  Practice your new scrapbooking techniques and schedule some much-needed time to complete your albums in the company of friends, old and new. You may even win some fantastic door prizes!

Click Here to go to their webpage and get more info and to get REGISTERED!!! Guess who already signed up???? Yes, I did!!! and I signed up for TWO classes to take ---- I am so EXCITED so I've been busy doing last minute shopping!!!! (you never know .. I may need more supplies)

I have never been to a convention before .. If anyone has pointers, let me know!!!! please...

Until Next Time

Monday, April 4, 2011

E- Book

Save On Scrapbooking Now

Hello everyone,

I want to tell you all about an e-book that came out... It is a brand new E-Book by Kaye Grieve, who has gathered a scrapbooking information for us and packed it all into 192 pages!! The book is called Save On Scrapbooking Now and is ready for instant download. For now, since the book just came out you pay 14.99!!!

These are some of the things the book offers::
See what else is included with this wonderful offer!!

Save On Scrapbooking Now$49.99$24.99
Free Bonus #1: Free Bonus Chapter on Photography$20.00Free
Free Bonus #2: Free Bonus Chapter on Quotes$20.00Free
Free Bonus #3: Free Bonus Chapter on Fonts$20.00Free
Free Bonus #4: Unlimited access to me through email$100.00Free

Now, I'm not gonna lie, I just purchased the book about an hour before writing this blog!!! The first couple of chapters are basic -- in case you're more of a novice than I am -- reading material..

There are plenty of links to some outstanding sites which I have skimmed and love... For 15.00 --- I consider this a great purchase.  I'll tell you why--- (in case you're interested) but she lays out for you websites to gather free templates for envelopes, at least 20 boxes (treat holders, circle gift bag, sliding gift box, triangle box, etc), flowers, leaves, pumpkins, school themes, shapes, tags, trees and birds. 

She also provides you with about 10 pages of techniques to learn and provides links to those as well ... (This is the best part for me since I am trying to expand my scrapbooking expertise (LOL) 

I wont go into much more but I did want to get the word out because the book is suppose to increase in price.. I dont know how long its going to stay at 14.99... and well I LOVE SALES!!!! So If you have a question for me about the book -- feel free to email me at and i'll try to answer any question you may have!!!!

On Another Note

I havent written in a while and I would love to tell you why!!!! Well since most of you know, I am pretty much a novice! I finally got my scrapbooking desk!! I bought a desk from Office Depot!!!!

And the hubby put it together and now I can say my scrapbooking stuff has a home besides my bedroom floor!!!! I went to Hobby Lobby (big shocker I know) but I couldn't find baskets and such to organize my drawers.. so hopefully next week i'll have better luck!!!