Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jewelry Box

Hello Everyone!!!
I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but its getting a bit crazy.. I am 20 days away from D Day and I've been running around getting all the last minute things together for the hospital stay and the baby!!!! I finished the baby announcements!!( yay)

I will show those to y'all on the next post because I wanted to show you what I've been up to this past week...

I went to Hobby Lobby (big surprise) and I found a box.  Well, it was an ungly wooden box with 4 drawers so I can put minor scrapbooking items and I decided to paint it but I wanted a crackle effect... So I did!!!!! I learned from you tube (SMILE) and I decided I would try it on my box ---- it was actually a hard decision bc I was afraid if I messed up, there went the money I spent. 

I had never painted anything with a crackled finish but here is the link in case you'd like to see what I did to my box.. (I used Elmers glue!!!!)

Ok, so when that was done (and it came out GREAT!!!) my daughter Aaralyn wanted a jewelry box for her bday (its coming up in May)... So I went back to Hobby Lobby and bought a box.  At this point, I decided I can take pictures and show y'all what I did. ...

Here is the box I purchased --- and I made the base coat a hot pink (to match her room) ----- I painted the inside and the outside ....

I was unable to take a picture of the second step bc I had to work fast... but, once the paint is dry spread elmers glue on it and immediately after add your top coat of paint...... once my top coat was on there I grabbed my heat gun and began crackling the paint.... so the black cracked showing the hot pink!!!! --- Just a note, I removed the hinges and latch to the box to make the painting process easier.

I did that to the sides of the box as well --- and I let that dry overnight!!!!! 

The next day I went ahead and used mod podge (matte) so that it would all stay together and not risk it flaking off... Of course I will add bling and flowers to it  when I am finished!!! I also plan to line the inside of the box with a cute material or felt... I will show you the finished product at a later date!!!

On another note, I hung their chip board names up on the wall and here they are!!!!!! I apologize for picture quality ... I took the pics with my handy dandy phone...

Ok, well I hope you all have a great day... Again,  this month and the next may be a bit crazy for me... but hang in there and I'll get with it soon!!!

Until Next Time

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