Monday, April 4, 2011

E- Book

Save On Scrapbooking Now

Hello everyone,

I want to tell you all about an e-book that came out... It is a brand new E-Book by Kaye Grieve, who has gathered a scrapbooking information for us and packed it all into 192 pages!! The book is called Save On Scrapbooking Now and is ready for instant download. For now, since the book just came out you pay 14.99!!!

These are some of the things the book offers::
See what else is included with this wonderful offer!!

Save On Scrapbooking Now$49.99$24.99
Free Bonus #1: Free Bonus Chapter on Photography$20.00Free
Free Bonus #2: Free Bonus Chapter on Quotes$20.00Free
Free Bonus #3: Free Bonus Chapter on Fonts$20.00Free
Free Bonus #4: Unlimited access to me through email$100.00Free

Now, I'm not gonna lie, I just purchased the book about an hour before writing this blog!!! The first couple of chapters are basic -- in case you're more of a novice than I am -- reading material..

There are plenty of links to some outstanding sites which I have skimmed and love... For 15.00 --- I consider this a great purchase.  I'll tell you why--- (in case you're interested) but she lays out for you websites to gather free templates for envelopes, at least 20 boxes (treat holders, circle gift bag, sliding gift box, triangle box, etc), flowers, leaves, pumpkins, school themes, shapes, tags, trees and birds. 

She also provides you with about 10 pages of techniques to learn and provides links to those as well ... (This is the best part for me since I am trying to expand my scrapbooking expertise (LOL) 

I wont go into much more but I did want to get the word out because the book is suppose to increase in price.. I dont know how long its going to stay at 14.99... and well I LOVE SALES!!!! So If you have a question for me about the book -- feel free to email me at and i'll try to answer any question you may have!!!!

On Another Note

I havent written in a while and I would love to tell you why!!!! Well since most of you know, I am pretty much a novice! I finally got my scrapbooking desk!! I bought a desk from Office Depot!!!!

And the hubby put it together and now I can say my scrapbooking stuff has a home besides my bedroom floor!!!! I went to Hobby Lobby (big shocker I know) but I couldn't find baskets and such to organize my drawers.. so hopefully next week i'll have better luck!!!

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