Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Chip Decor!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I know I have written a posting before about Chip Board Decor... I did my youngest daughters in zebra stripes consisting of black and pink.. but this posting will be for my older daughter -- Briana. Briana loves purple and flowers.. This is pretty much the same project but done with different colors to give you a different view.  I havent hung either one of these up yet because Brianas actually is missing ribbon... but I'll show them once more hung up on a wall after I complete Brianas name.. So far this is all I have...

Sorry for the picture quality -- photos were taken with my phone before rushing out the door ...

Ok I apologize because the R and the I would not attach... I will add the ribbon to hang them on to the wall and show you all the final outcome as soon as I get to it this weekend!!!!

In case you all didn't see the prior posting, I will put the directions on how I did this.. Again, my version is pretty simple... I am sure there are expert chip board decorators out there =) 

1. Paint the chipboard with a solid coat of acrylic paint. (I painted the letters white)
2. Chose two coordinating scrapbook papers, and cut and trace your letters from each paper so you have 2 of each letter. (I chose three for this project)
3. Now tear the cutouts into sections and use an ink pad to apply to the torn edges.
4. Adhere the prepared paper and fix them to the chipboard letters.
5. Finally ink the edges for depth.... and decorate to your liking!!
*** By the way, I dont know if you all have heard of this online store or not... but  CLICK HERE and it will take you to blue moon scrapbooking which sells so many nice items!!! I was there for what seemed hours!!!

Ok everyone.. thanks for tuning in .. I appreciate it!!
Until next time

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