Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out of the Ordinary

I hate to do this to you all .... but you will thank me..... I promise!!!

I was looking for new techniques (new to me)... I came across this blog where every layout was made using Glimmer Mist.. I attempted to find out what and how to use it.. The blog had so many tutorials on how the LO were made and  knew I had to share them with you.. I will show you the layouts and then an example of one of their tutorials... I gathered all the information from

Take a Look!!!!


Swirly Sweetheart Daisy

I have gotten a lot of feedback for the previous flower tutorial I did, and the biggest question is "What if I don't have that punch"?. Well here is another version, closer to the Prima Eliza flower. I just used my scallop circle punch and cut between the scallops for the large flower and my medium Retro punch to make the rose flower middles. So many possibilities for these flowers. You could use anything for the centers. Bottons would be cute, and you could use the tiny roses if you didn't want to make your own.

Product list

*Scallop Circle punch. 2 inch is a good size
*Medium Retro Flower punch
*Tulip Puffy Paint
*Heat gun
*tweezers (long handle) optional
*Thin handle paint brush or skewer
*ink pad (coordinate color with card stock color used for
flower center)
*Cardstock in 2 colors, one light for flower, the other your
choice color for flower center color.
*adhesive of your choice
*Spray bottle with water (mini misters are wonderful)

Punch 2 scalloped circles.

Using your ink, soflty rub some onto the center of each flower (you may want to use an ink blender, I used the Tim Holtz foam one)

Using scissors cut between each scallop as shown, be careful not to cut to deeply towards the middle.

Very lightly mist your flowers with water and curl them around the end of your paintbrush handle to distress them . You can speed dry them with your heat gun or let them air dry.

Open up the 2 flowers. Set aside.

With your small flower punch, punch out 5 flowers.

Using the thin end of your paint brush or skewer, curl the petals of 2 of the blooms from the side of the petal inwards. Curl the other 3 blooms from the tips of the petals inward.

Place a small amount of glue at the base of each side curled petal and shape then onto each other to get a tight bud as shown. The glue will help the bud stay closed.
Place that closed bud onto the other side curled bloom and fold it onto the closed bud. This is your closed center.

Place glue at the base and the middles of the remaining blooms and place the center bud in the middle of the blooms remembering to stagger the petals. Hold in place for a minute if you are using quick dry glue.

Glue the 2 layers together staggering petals then add the rose to the middle.

Apply the Tulip Puffy paint to the tips of the petals as shown.

When the paint is dry, using constant motion, heat the paint and watch it puff up. Be careful not to burn either the paint or paper.

I had a lot of feed back from my last tutorial.
Here are some variations of the flower. I used the same center as in the previous flower tutorial. Mix and match...You can also lightly ink the edges of the petals.

Now I never learned what Glimmer Mist is.. That will be my homework for tomorrow.... (Maybe) Sorry so long.. I know I said I wouldn't do that again but I had to share in case you all weren't following them.. They do a great job!!!
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These are beautiful.

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liz_y_jose said...

I really love these!!!

Carrielyn said...

Seriously, I would have never thought of the scallop punch! What a great idea! Thanks!

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I'm so glad i bought a scallop punch...i can't wait to try these...i had to add the tut to the collection on the progressive challenge at