Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mini Album

Hello Everyone!!! Sorry its been a while, the oldest kiddo came down with Strep --- ugh!! Its been a challenge keeping everything germ free to prevent from everyone else getting sick.... ON TO SCRAPBOOKING!!!!

So, While busy at work, I had some time to look up some baby boy album ideas... Down below, (on other posts) I had the dilemma about a light pastel color type paper or darker color type paper to use as his album... I still haven't been able to decide for sure but, I am leaning toward the lions tigers and giraffes (OH MY--- if there were bears) ... ---

Here is a mini album I found that has similar paper--- I love this little video... I want to make something like this in a 12x12 version... but what do you think??  This video was made by GingerCupcakeCards...

Just beware--- I have purchased several stacks of light blues and yellows and greens -- along with the dark varsity pack I was able to show below and the paper similar to this video!!! This weekend should be my deadline to figure this out... He will be here before we know it!!

Thanks for watching!

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