Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo Books!!!!

I love to scrapbook!!! My favorite part has to be going to Hobby Lobby and Michaels or Joanns and picking out the supplies I am going to use next. Before the baby arrives, I want to finish all my projects and lately I have found myself loving the photobooks offered by Smilebox and Shutterfly.  Recently I found Mix Book.. I haven't researched Mixbook as much as I have the other two, but next time I need a photo book I may just use them.. They offer you a 20% discount on your first purchase... Just go to and sign up (make sure you have in mind to make a book in 7 days bc then the coupon will expire).  Below are a few examples of what they offer...
Now, I have to say the reason why I love Smilebox... Smilebox incoorporates scrapbooking with photobooks!!!! (See Below) I made a few that you can email for free to family members and LOVE IT!!!! As I mentioned, I love to scrapbook and my daughter (now in first grade) had so much art work from Kinder that I felt I needed to add it into a book... So I did the first album (Color me happy) and you can make it embellishment heavy or not...  The only downside was I can email it for free but if I wanted to print the book, I have to have a yearly memebership ... I have no idea what the charge is!!!

Color Me Happy - Scrapbook

Glitter Gal - Scrapbook

Last but not least I am sure, is Shutterfly!!! I am unable to show you a few pictures of those but they are pretty cute... and you can change the layout.. I ended up buying my daughters photobook from them since I dont have to purchase that yearly fee.. If anyone knows of any others please let me know!!!!

I would love to digitally scrapbook but my main problem is I Love 12x12 layouts!!! I do not have a printer or know of many printers that would be able to do a superb job printing out scrapbooking pages... Any advice???

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